This Is Why You Probably Shouldn't Drive To The Eye Doctor Alone

A Reddit user went to pick up his grandmother from an eye surgery center when he noticed something was...off.

Now it's pretty much common sense that if your vision is bad enough that you need eye surgery, you shouldn't be driving. But that certainly doesn't stop people. One user shared his personal experience with this situation.

"I worked as a tech/scribe at a retinal surgery clinic for a while. I'd work patients up with 20/300, 20/400- levels, sometimes worse, then later ask how they got here and they'd just casually say "Oh I drove myself." To give you some perspective, the minimum corrected visual acuity for legal driving is 20/60 (in my state), and legal blindness comes into play at 20/200. This happened on a near-daily basis. I am a much, much more defensive driver now, because there's a very real chance that that car coming toward the intersection is piloted by a legally blind geriatric. It's terrifying."

So when Reddit user jim_diesel6 went to pick up his grandmother, he probably shouldn't have been surprised to see this:

Every single sign was bent backwards, presumably because the eye clinic patients couldn't see when to stop. It's pretty funny to look at, but pretty scary to think these people were actually behind the wheel at some point...

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