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This Kid's Adorable Poster On How To Stop Bullying Is So Sweet

In a laundromat located in Bath, England, a person noticed something particularly adorable. Adam McGreevy was doing his laundry and began to browse the posters and advertisements on the bulletin board when he saw one that was particularly amazing.

"As I sat resisting the temptation of a sticky bun and a coffee from the bakery opposite, I browsed the many posters and adverts that were on display. This is something I have done before. Some were old and some were new, but one in particular caught my eye" - Adam McGreevy

McGreevy realized that this poster was written by a child and thought that it particularly sweet.

"Not only was the message it conveyed important, but equally the attitude and outlook of its young author an inspiration and one that should be commended." - Adam McGreevy

He doesn't know who made the poster, but he thought that it should be shared with more than just the laundromat.

"I feel its audience should be far wider than that of the launderette wall."

The poster is super adorable and good advice for those dealing with bullies.

The five ways to stop bullies include:

  1. Don't keep it a secret, tell somebody
  2. Don't let them get to you or your friends
  3. Tell your friend to not listen to the bullies
  4. Just ignore it or them and take no notice
  5. Make new friends and be happy

Who ever the kid is who made this poster, good job!

Share to get this kid's message out there to stop bullying!

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