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This List Will Give You Healthy Alternatives For Your Unhealthy Food Cravings

Everyone has cravings for things they know they shouldn't have. If I ate cheesecake every time I craved it, I would weigh 700lbs.

But we can't stop the cravings from coming. It just happens. More often than not though, your craving for junk food is just an emotional reaction. Bad day? Junk. Boss is nuts? Junk. Bad traffic? Let me eat the whole chip aisle.

Here are some healthy alternatives to your favorite guilty pleasures to keep things a little lighter!

1. Chocolate

When you're craving chocolate, your body really needs magnesium. Fruits and most raw nuts are filled with magnesium which will satisfy your craving. Try some trail mix or a handful of almonds!

2. Candy/Sweets

There's a lot of alternatives to candy. The main one would be fruit, to satisfy that sweet taste. Your body needs chromium, sulfur, and carbon. Fruits, broccoli, cabbage and kale will all solve those for you. Nuts will also solve this one, too.

3. Bread

My craving for bread is non-satiable at best. When your body craves bread, you should give it nitrogen. This can be found in high protein foods such as beans, meat, and you guessed it: nuts again.

4. Fatty foods/Oily foods

Who doesn't crave greasy french fries now and again? Your body is looking for calcium when you crave oily or greasy foods. Instead of fries, try some broccoli, kale, or cheese to satisfy your craving!

5. Salty Foods

Are you craving the salt or are you craving the crunch? Try some fresh veggie with hummus to satisfy your craving. Your body is looking for chloride, so turn to goat cheese, fish, and anything with unrefined salt.

6. Ice Cream

Try some cinnamon apples instead of the frozen delight. It'll help with the sweet tooth craving, and cinnamon boosts your metabolism so it's a win-win! If you really can't kick the craving and need something cold, try a frozen fruit bar (no added sugar!) or some sorbet.

Obviously it's okay to indulge once in a while! But limiting how often you give in to cravings can actually reduce the amount you get. So try a few of these alternatives to cut back on the salt, sugar, and carbs that we tend to consume way too much of.

What are some of your favorite healthy alternative snacks? Let us know!

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