This Little Boy's Reaction to a Pirate Ship Ride will Have You in Stitches

Two brothers in Taiwan, four-year-old William and his six-year-old brother Steven, are making internet headlines after video of them on a pirate ship ride went viral.

William and Steven were at a theme park in Taiwan when they decided the pirate ship ride was a good idea. They went with their 18-year-old cousin, David who recorded the entire thing.

It starts off pretty chill. Look how happy William is!

But things immediately go downhill.

Poor William.

Steven looks like he's having the time of his life, though.

Don't worry, though. David says both boys actually enjoyed the ride and wanted to go right back on after it ended. So since everything worked out, here are some memes that we felt captured the essence of William.

Check out the full video of the ride!

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