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This Little Girl Heard Her Neighbors Lost Everything And She Wanted To Help

Becca VanZyll is proof that there is still some good in the world. This 4-year-old girl's photo has been circling facebook not just because it's cute, but because she was in the middle of doing something amazing. When Becca heard about the house fire that destroyed the house and possessions of the family up the road she decided that she should help them herself by delivering gifts to the family.

Becca packed up all the toys her parents had purchased for her birthday and Christmas and loaded up her little Barbie car and drove herself to give the gifts to the three little girls who had lost everything. She didn't even know these kids and she wanted to help them. The grandmother of the girls spoke with Fox17 and told them how surprised she was when this little four year old pulled up with her donations.

"I cried, I got teared up. It was unbelievable, for the little girl to donate her own toys and items of hers to three little girls that she doesn't even know. She's a special little girl."

The town is rallying behind the family who has been forced out of their homes and have raised almost $5000 on their GoFundMe page.

If you want to donate head over to their page and give what you can, Becca would be proud!

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