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This Little Girl Would Really Appreciate If You Stopped Touching Her Maracas

"Excuse me, would you mind not touching those? I've asked you approximately 8,000 times."

This is a phrase we've all said to a child at one point or another.

But what happens when a child asks you to stop touching one of their toys but you don't? The answer is pretty simple: a verbal smack-down from a toddler.

Watch as this little girl runs into the room after hearing her dad play her favorite maracas. She makes it very clear that no one is allowed to touch these while she is not present. She puts them down, and runs back out of the room. Her dad continuously picks up the toys and shakes them, summoning her like a snake charmer. Each time, the toddler runs in yelling "No, no!" and taking the maracas away from her laughing dad.

In the end, she comes up with a brilliant solution. Take a look!

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