'Husband Parking' At Malls Exist So You Can Shop Solo

So apparently spending time with your wife is SO ANNOYING, you can't even spend time shopping with her (even though you went to the mall with her.)

Some malls are starting to adopt a 'husband nursery' or 'husband parking' so you can drop off your husband while you go shop. The nursery has comfy chairs, a TV, a fridge stocked with refreshments, and a massage chair.

Men seem to love the idea, wanting to spend as much time at the husband nursery as they can. One guy said, "This is good, I wouldn't be afraid to be dragged along to the mall by my wife if I could be there."

Women, however, aren't so keen on the idea. Because God forbid a man has to spend quality time with his wife doing something she enjoys. The husband nursery kind of defeats the purpose of going to the mall as a couple. Why not just stay home?

Some women are also pointing out that it can often be the MEN who enjoy shopping too much, while the women would like to be in the nursery.

Regardless, husband parking exists and it could be coming to a mall near you.

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