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This Man Got A PlayStation And An Angry Cat For Christmas

When Andrew Woodward opened up his present on Christmas Eve he thought he was about to have the best Christmas ever. He had gotten just what he wanted: a brand new PlayStation 4.

Unfortunately, a real Grinch of a cat had to spoil his holiday.

Maybe Woodward's excitement after opening his present is what set the cat off. Or maybe the cat just hates Christmas. Either way, this feline definitely put himself on the naughty list with this surprise attack. Video of his altercation with the animal has since gone viral, being watched more than 88 million times since it was posted on Christmas Eve.

Warning: Woodward's injuries are a little severe, but he and the cat are both fine, we promise.

Freeman says it all in her Facebook post where she writes "y'all, this is what pure joy looks like. Also terror." This isn't Freeman's cat, but she says that he's known to be "a real jerk."

"This is not the first person he's attacked," she writes. Freeman didn't say if the other injuries were Christmas-related.

Some people who watched the video claimed that the cat was being abused, or mistreated somehow, but Freeman insists he lives in a good home. Besides, people should really be worrying about Woodward. Treating his cat scratches required stitches and a trip to the doctor.

Thankfully, Woodward is doing well and still gets along with the cat from the video.

Hopefully next year this feline gets into the Christmas spirit, although he may have been doomed to be a Scrooge from birth. Apparently, he's named Magneto, after the villain from the X-Men films.

So maybe this video just captured step one in his scheme to destroy Christmas.


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