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This Man Has A Simple Message For All Guys Who Are Afraid To Get Married

A man in Oregon has stolen the hearts of women everywhere after his post about marriage went viral.

Dale Partridge, 31, sent out a message to all men who claim they're afraid of marriage because they can "only be with one woman" the rest of their lives.

Partidge says he was inspired to write the post because he wants people to realize that healthy relationships mean people constantly develop over time. He and his wife, Veronica, are parents of two children with a third on the way.

His words are beautifully written, sharing his thoughts on what marriage means.

Take a look:

Well melt my heart into a million pieces!

"It took me five minutes to write it," Patridge said. "When you stand at the alter to get married and if things go healthy, you're probably going to get a way better man or woman 20 years from that day."

Partrdige also makes an interesting observation. He says there's a rising level of young men who are still acting like boys, living at home and preferring guys night over date night.

"They don't have confidence and they don't want to lead, so in turn you see a lot of women taking on these roles," he says. "I think a lot of women — who are even feminists — still want to see men just kind of step up and be men. It's sad because they're missing out on a really beautiful thing," he says.

What does his wife think about all this?

"She smiled," he says, "and said that it hit every string in a woman's heart."

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