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Professional Adventurer Gets Wild And Wooly With These Crazy Animal Selfies

And here I am doing this for free! There is a man who gets paid to travel the world to take pictures with animals! His job is called "adventure content marketing" and yes it is real and he did have to fight for it. 500,000 photographers were all vying for the title of "Outback Adventurer" in a challenge that was created by Tourism Australia. Allan Daxon won the role, and has since been touring around and taking hilariously amazing selfies with adorable animals.

Having amounted over 300k followers, he has a pretty solid reputation as the go-to guy for a funny selfie with an animal, but that isn't all he does. He is an amazing nature photographer on top of being the creator of gems like this one:

But as we said, nature photography is his main passion, and his work is truly gorgeous.

So check out his Instagram. Go for the animal selfies, stay for the amazing photography!

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