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This Man's Dying Note To His Wife Will Bring You To Tears

Losing a loved one, especially around the holidays, is one of the most painful things that can happen to a person.

Especially if that loved one is your spouse of 41 years.

Roberta Schultz lost her husband, Richard, in November of 2016. Of course, she was devastated. But then he managed to make her smile from beyond the grave.

Roberta's granddaughter, Marissa Mendez, posted a picture of a touching note that Richard sent his wife after his passing. Apparently he was worried how she would handle his death and wanted to make sure she knew everything was okay.

"[She] thought that it was beautiful and she cried," Mendez said. "He chose the fruit basket because he knew she loves fruit."

The gift basket came four days after his death, so Richard must have known that his time was ending soon.

It's stories like these that help put a positive spin on life, even when things are rough.

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