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This Man's Unusual Diet And Food Addiction Cure Has Only One Secret Ingredient: Potatoes

Crazy diets are really hit or miss on whether or not they actually work or if they are sustainable for a long time. Andrew Taylor decided to give a crazy diet a try to help with his food addiction. He planned on eating nothing but potatoes for 12 months and even though everyone said he would fail, he is still going strong!

The most surprising thing about it is that Taylor has actually lost more the 50kg! Not only that, but the potato diet has helped with his depression.

On January 1st Taylor decided he would eat nothing but potatoes for 12 months, and even though people doubted him and called it unhealthy he has actually found it to be pretty helpful.

"I was clinically depressed last year and eating potatoes has really helped me with that. I am not taking any antidepressants and I feel like I'm completely over that and I'm sleeping better too." - Andrew Taylor

Before he started this diet, he was having a lot of issues with eating. He had a pretty severe addiction to food and would eat ice cream, pizza, chocolate, cake and deep-fried foods all day. His reasoning for the potato diet was inspired by how alcoholics and drug addicts deal with their addictions.

"I had a realization I was a food addict and it got me thinking about how if you're an alcoholic you quit alcohol, or a drug addict you quit drugs. You can't quit food, but I wanted to get as close as possible and wondered if there was one particular food I could eat and potatoes came up best." - Andrew Taylor

He eats between 3-4 kg of potatoes a day and has been making different types of meals with them, from mashed, to baked and even in pancake form! He said the first two weeks of his diet were the hardest, but since then his food cravings have pretty much stopped.

Taylor started the year off at 151.7kg and is down to 99kg. He has been going to the doctor regularly, and while his doctor didn't suggest the diet, he has been supportive of the decision. His cholesterol is now lower, his blood pressure has dropped and his sugar level is healthier. His mindset is a lot healthier as well, and he is very happy that he made this drastic choice.

With the diet coming to a close in a couple weeks, he actually plans on continuing to eat potatoes, but maybe with a few more flavorful toppings with them.

"I'm a much happier, more positive person. I have a lot more energy and am more creative."

Do you think you could handle a year of nothing but potatoes? Share with your friends and see what they think!

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