This Mascot Can't Catch A Break In These Hilarious Outtakes

I think we've all had days at work like the polar bear filming this car commercial, where nothing seems to go right.

All he needs to do is stay on his feet while the dealership owner reads his line, but like magic as soon as he says anything the bear just topples over. If that wasn't embarrassing enough, he has a giant gopher in a hockey uniform laughing at his troubles.

By the end of the video this poor mascot seems like he can't even bear to get back up, but can you blame him? At least he can look back on filming this ad and laugh. Probably.

If we have to say something positive about his performance, you have to admire his commitment. Someone once said: fall down seven times, stand up eight. I think this bear fell down an eighth time anyways, at least these outtakes helped brighten our day.

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