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The Incredible Moment This Military Dad Comes Home To Surprise His Son With Down Syndrome

Nothing chokes us up more than seeing soldiers surprise their loved ones, but this video definitely had me choking back tears. There is something about the joy on his son's face that will just lift your spirit and bring a tear to your eye.

We all know the dangers our loved ones in the military face when they are deployed to hostile territory. As much as we believe that they will be OK, there will always be a touch of fear for their safety in our hearts. So, when we see videos of them coming home unexpectedly, the surprise and joy pretty much leaps through the screen and squeezes our hearts.

Technical Sargent  John Grieten, was posted to Southwest Asia for six months. When he returned home, he decided to surprise his 15-year-old son Joshua, who has Down Syndrome. Watch the precious moments when Joshua realizes that it is his father standing behind him!

Then, Sargent Grieten uses his military training to sneak up on his 11-year-old daughter, Jessica, who gleefully jumps into his arms. What a wonderful Dad - he truly loves his kids! Since it was posted, the video on Youtube has gotten over 1 million views - see for yourself! Don't forget to Like and Share!

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