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This Mom And Her Son Set Up A "Blessing Box" To Help Their Community

"Take a blessing when you need one, leave a blessing when you can."

That's the simple message on the front of the "Blessing Box" Maggie Ballard set up in front of her house. The box is a unlocked container filled with non-perishable food, hygiene products, tampons, soap and spare clothing.

The idea is that people walking down her busy street in Wichita, Kansas will take what they need, and neighbors with enough to spare will help keep the box full.

What started as a fun project for Maggie and her son Paxton has become a surprising hit with their community.

Maggie and Paxton got their idea from a social media post about a similar charity box. They put the Blessing Box up in their garden, and since then the box has been emptied out and filled hundreds of times.

The Ballards have also been swamped with thank you notes and boxes of donations from people who want to keep the generosity going.

Maggie says they don't normally see people using the box, because most people come by late at night or early in the morning when no one else is around. Although, on Christmas Eve she did see a family of three come by, and eat a bag of bagels right in front of the box.

She's just glad that people are making the most of the box, and she's also impressed with her son's commitment to keeping it full.

"It's the last thing he does before bed and the first thing, ok — the second thing he does when he wakes up!" she told Buzzfeed.

Paxton, holding a donation another Wichita local gave him.

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