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This Mom Has A Message For Her Daughter's Step-Mom

There can often be a point of contention between moms and step-moms.

Whether it's a fear of being replaced, tension because of the man, or a number of other reasons, it can be tricky to co-parent with someone else who is not actually related to your child.

Audrey Nicole deals with co-parenting every day. But she's got a different outlook on how things should go down.

Audrey took to Facebook to post a message to her daughter's step-mom. It's definitely not what you were expecting.

Audrey Nicole only had nice things to say about her daughter's step-mom. She praises her for being so loving and supportive and notes that being a step-mom isn't easy.

People online are loving Audrey's Facebook post, saying there should be more love for step-parents who are just trying to do their best.

So we have to ask, what do you think? Do you have a good relationship with your child's step-parent? Let us know!

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