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What This Mom Did For Her Bullied Daughter Is A+ Parenting

8-year-old Charleigh was bullied on the bus all the time. She was targeted for her skin color and it really started to take a toll on her.

Finally, Charleigh told her mom what was happening. She called her mom after school crying, saying "Mama, kids were bullying me on the bus." Charleigh's mom, Alexandra Elle, decided to take this opportunity to give her daughter a lesson in self-love.

"I wanted to make sure she knew that no matter what, who she is cannot be broken by hurtful speech, even when it feels like the opposite," Elle said.

Alexandra Elle covered Charleigh's mirror in sticky notes, all of which had messages of positivity. She had her daughter stand in front of the mirror and read all the messages out loud.

"I am beautiful and black. I am smart. I am funny. I am vibrant," they said. "I am kind. I am honest. I am helpful. I am graceful. I am nice. I am proud to be brown. I am magical, unbreakable, and confident."

The video has been shared over 100,00 times on Twitter, and it's something that everyone needs to see.

The response has been overwhelming. People are thrilled to see this mom teaching her daughter to love herself, not just for physical beauty but also her more important qualities.

Do you like the way this mom handled her daughter's bullying? Let us know in the comments!

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