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This Mom's "Elf On The Shelf" Plan Totally Backfired

Elf on the Shelf started off as a fun way to keep your kids behaving at Christmas.

But now? Now it's basically a full-time job! The theory is, these elves report back to Santa at the end of every night and then fly back and land in a different spot. They're inherently mischievous so they end up in odd situations, sometimes. It's supposed to encourage kids to behave around the holidays. Personally, it sounds a little like Big Brother to me, but who am I to judge. If it gets kids to stop whining when they're at the toy store, I'm all for it.

But sometimes, these little projects backfire.

Lynn Heinrich is the mother of a young boy and their house is the landing spot of one of these magical elves. She was feeling creative and thought she'd try to have the elf "frame" her son for doing something bad. That was her first mistake.

(Warning: this story has some mild language)

I guess that's what happens when kids truly do believe these elves will go back to Santa...they'll do anything to avoid the naughty list!

Some parents found the story hilarious, while others thought it was mean to try and 'scare' her son. And then some people were just mad that she used swear words.

What do you think? Was this a hilarious prank gone wrong? Or was Lynn in the wrong from the get-go? Let us know!

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