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This Mother Of 8 Finds The Answers To Her Prayers In Caring For Terminally Ill Babies

Cori Salchert is more than a mother, she is an angel on earth. For these little babies, she and her family are their guardians and their protectors in their final days on earth.

When Cori was a child, her sister, Amie, contracted spinal meningitis, which left her mentally and physically handicapped. Little Cori didn't understand why her sister had to be sent away to a children's home, rather than be cared for by her own family.

When the news came that Amie had wandered out and drowned in a pond, Cori was devastated, "Throughout my life, I struggled with the question, 'Where was God when my sister needed Him most?' " she told Today. I laid down the hurt and disillusion before God and said, "Here, you take this and redeem it."

It wouldn't be until years later that she would be given an answer.

Cori's son, Andrew holding EmmalynnCori Salchert

After struggling through her own health crisis - several autoimmune diseases that damaged her digestive organs, Cori got a call that would change her life's direction.

The call was a request for the immediate foster care of a nameless baby girl who had no hope to live. She was just two weeks old and had been born without the right or left hemisphere of her brain. The family took her in and named her Emmalynn.

The little girl would live 50 days longer than anyone expected. She was cuddled, and whispered to, cared for and loved as the youngest child of 9. In her final moments, she was rocked and whispered to, cuddled and kissed by every member of her family.

"It was painful initially. Gradually we were able to see the opportunity to hold her through this life and as she entered the next solely as a gift," says Cori.

In 2014, the family took in baby Charlie. The little boy was born with a severe type of brain damage and he was not expected to live longer than 2 years old. Although he is on life-support, he has defied the odds and celebrated his second birthday this June.

Thanks to the incredible mothering and tender care provided by Cori and her family have miraculously, this sweet little guy lives in a house of love.

"For years, I had wanted to care for babies who had a life-limiting prognosis like Charlie or a terminal diagnosis like Emmalynn. What a gift it is to be a part of these babies' lives, to have the ability to ease their suffering, to cherish and love them even though they aren't able to give anything tangible back or even smile in return for our efforts." - Cori Salchert

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