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They Told Her He Was Dying, But Her Mother's Intuition Told Her That This Loving Touch Could Bring Him Back

After trying for months to get pregnant, Kate Ogg and her husband, Dave, were estatic to learn that they would be having twins.

But Kate went into labor early and soon they were rushing to the hospital. There was chaos in the delivery room, doctors and midwives weren't sure if the premature babies were both boys, or one of each. They scrambled around machines and then, the room grew silent.

The doctor turned to Kate and asked her if they had chosen a name for their son, she said, "Jamie." The parents in the silent room watched as the doctor sat down on the edge of Kate's bed.

He looked at them and said, "I'm sorry, but Jamie didn't make it."

They immediately handed her the lifeless body of their small baby. She placed him on her chest and turned his head so that he could hear her heart beating, then instructed Dave to take his shirt off.

Cocooned in the warmth of his parents' tearful embrace, the tiny baby lay between his father's warm skin and his mother's beating heart.

The parents cried and spoke to their son about the dreams they had for him, the life they promised to give to him and the twin sister who was healthy and strong.

Then, a miracle happened...

Their little boy began to move and breathe. Even though the midwives told them that he was dying, his mother knew her son, she knew he was a fighter.

The baby opened his eyes and looked at his father, then reached out his tiny fingers to clasp his daddy's thumb.

He was alive!

Kate trusted her instincts and held on even when she feared the worst for her son. He recovered and, eventually, the twins were ready to go home with their grateful parents.

Watch this family's incredible story below - get the tissues, you're going to need them!

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