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This New Jersey Cop Pulls A Suicidal Man From The Train Tracks Just Seconds Before A Train Raced By

It was just another day of work for Officer Victor Ortiz until he got a call about a disgruntled passenger. When officer Ortiz arrived, the man was visibly upset and shouting that he would not go to jail. The man, then jumped down onto the tracks and laid down, waiting for the next train.

The brave officer and father of one 13-year-old daughter, jumped down into the tracks beside him and began to pull him up. As the officer struggled to lift the him, the man begged Ortiz to let him die. Determined not to leave this man behind, officer Ortiz gave one final pull and lifted the man off the track, just two seconds before the train flew by.

Later, the unidentified passenger thanked Ortiz and apologized for risking his life. Ortiz humbly accepted the apology and thanks, saying, "it's my job."

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