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This New Product Will Change The Way You Use Makeup!

The "Beauty Blender" took the makeup world by storm, and now there is a new product threatening to take the crown. It looks a little strange, kind of like a tiny breast enhancer, but apparently it's ability to blend makeup without absorbing any is unparalleled.

It's called the SiliSponge and it has already sold out on the Molly Cosmetics Shop where it's available for $14.90. Even the most recent preorder is sold out!

This claims to use half of the amount of makeup because there are no pores in the silicone based sponge so it doesn't absorb all your product in it. It also makes clean up a lot simpler, just a little bit of soap and water will rinse away any residue.

I was skeptical at first, but watching the videos they have is pretty interesting. It does a pretty good job of blending and you can see there isn't much left on  the sponge itself afterwards.

It works with different kinds of makeup, including a "cushion foundation" which I haven't heard of before but looks interesting.

The Molly Cosmetics company that sells the product explained they brought it in from Japan, but that it might take a few tries to get the pressure and technique right.

What do you think about the newest potential trend? It looks kind of neat right? Share with your friends and see what they think!

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