A New Trend In Women's Underwear is Turning Heads

There is no shortage of strange fashion fads. From bottom-boosting pants to tummy tucking tops, there seems to be a new article of clothing that has consumers running out to snatch up.

The trend is definitely one of the stranger ones, though. It seems that the fashion mishap that ladies have been avoiding for decades is now moving to forefront of design with this new type of underwear.

This new lingerie, which is popular in Asia, and has recently made it's way to the UK has making waves in the marketplace.

"They feel like normal knickers, they're comfortable and cottony," said a model to tried on the panties. "You don't really notice that's there, although other people will. With tight leggings it would be pretty noticeable."

"It doesn't feel alien. When you put them on it moves with the curve of your body more," she said.

Camel toe underwear does show through tight leggings but is not super obvious.

"You can be sure that you will leave an impression on the people you meet."

The knickers are made from typical cotton lycra briefs with a silicone appendage.

According to the product description: "Similar to a good bra, these quirky panties promise to “lift and separate”.

These underwear have been popular in Japan for nearly a decade. How are we just hearing about this now?

What do you think? Would you try them?

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