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This Old Cat Was Rejected Because She Couldn't See

Patrick Corr met Stevie three years ago at the local cat vet hospital. The Animal Care Society of Cork had been paying for Stevie to stay there for months because no one wanted to adopt her.

Even though he wasn't planning to adopt a cat, Patrick took one look at Stevie and he caved.

I mean, come on just look at this face!

This is the day that Patrick and Stevie became a family.

Even though Patrick says he wasn't really a cat person, it's hard to imagine him as anything else! Stevie's had a huge impact on his life - in fact, he says that she's changed his life forever!

Now that Stevie's in his life, Patrick does things a little differently: he doesn't wear too much black, he buys a lot of lint rollers and he doesn't move any of his furniture.

But he doesn't mind making these little changes for Stevie.

Stevie likes to go for walks with Patrick, to play,  get pets and cuddles! Patrick says she's fearless and he's right!

It's easy to be brave when you've got your best friend by your side and these two are a match made in heaven!

If you agree, watch their video below:

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