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This Elderly Lady Was About To Miss The Bus, What The Bus Driver Did Next Astounded Everyone

A bus driver in Guelph, Canada is gaining a lot of attention online after he did something truly amazing for an elderly lady.

The bus driver has yet to be identified, but he's putting a smile on everyone's face.

The driver was doing his regular route when he pulled up to a stop and noticed an elderly lady up ahead. She could hardly put one foot in front of the other, but he knew she was trying to make it to the bus. Instead of driving off and ignoring the lady, or even just waiting for her to make it, the bus driver put the bus in park and go help her. He patiently walked with her, arm in arm, and helped her get on the bus.

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The city mayor is trying to find the driver so he can thank him accordingly. Guelph transit is also trying to help, retweeting the video for their followers all to see.

What a great act of kindness from this bus driver! They often lead very busy lives and have a schedule to stick to, so for this man to take time out of his day to help this stranger is so heartwarming. We need more people like this in the world!

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