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This On-Air Taste Test Went Very Badly

According to the website for Calrgary's Global News Morning, Leslie Horton is a traffic reporter with over 25 years of experience in live broadcasting. She is not, apparently, a great chef.

In a segment on the local morning news show, Horton treated the other anchors to a taste of her holiday artichoke dip, but her coworkers were less than impressed.

"I didn't want to make it," Horton said, moments before things went South, "I've been busy." Maybe she should've trusted her instincts and brought in a fruitcake instead.

Well, let that be a lesson to any ambitious chefs this holiday season: don't trust recipes sent by your family members, don't substitute an orange for a lemon, and if your dish smells like "vinegar" or "a barn," maybe don't taste it on live TV.

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