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This Perfectly Timed Picture of Usain Bolt Is Driving The Internet Wild

He's still the fastest man alive, but he had us all on the edges of our seats. When the gun went off and Justin Gatlin from Team USA pulled ahead the world gasped in confusion - what? Can it be? Has Bolt been dethroned?

With strength and determination, Gatlin powered his way forward, three seconds ahead of Bolt and the competition. But the lead didn't last long. Bolt's incredible strength and stride kicked in and he just sailed past the rest as if he was floating on air. He even had time to smile for the camera just as he broke away from the pack. Even a leg injury didn't slow him down as he loped across the finish line with a winner's grin upon his face. The world's fastest man put on the greatest show, and even his competitiors didn't seem to mind losing to him. See how it all went down in the pictures below!

Nope, not this picture. Bolt goes to his quiet place at the beginning of the race. He's probably contemplating the speed of light.

It's definitely not this picture. For a second it almost seems like he's struggling...

Not this one either - but he's got this.

THIS ONE. This is the most perfectly timed photo of the 2016 Rio Olympics. This is the moment when Bolt speeds past the competition - like: gotcha! I was the fastest all along! I just let you snails think you had a chance!

Still Number 1.

Don't mess with the best.


The Legend Continues.

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