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This Police Officer Saved 2 Children's Lives By Adopting Them

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We've shared stories about officers going above and beyond the call of duty to protect and serve their community, or showing some incredible generosity, but one act of kindness by an officer from Oklahoma has them all beat.

Officer Jody Thompson is the father to 5 children - 3 biological kids and 2 who were adopted. The story of how his youngest son John and his daughter Paizly joined his family reveals why Thompson's police chief calls this caring officer "second to none."

It all started when Jody, who was off duty, overheard another officer's call about a mistreated child. Jody has experience in that department from his time working with the district attorney, so he volunteered to answer the call.

When Jody arrived, he found 8-year-old John in rough condition. The boy had been neglected and mistreated by his parents, and was being underfed. That night, Jody stayed by John's side in the hospital all night.

By the time John woke up, Jody had made a life-changing decision for the two of them. "When I seen him in that house, I knew," he said.

He called the Department of Human Services, and in a few days he had become John's official foster father, and soon the adoption process was underway. While this was a great start, it would take a lot more work to reunite John with his baby sister.

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