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This Poodle Is Blind And Deaf, But Still Living Her Best Life

You know what they say: when it rains, it pours.

Four years ago Scott Jordan's standard poodle Margaux was diagnosed with autoimmune disease. While Scott and his wife Laura were able to manage Margaux's condition with medication, the disease eventually took her hearing.

Earlier this year, the disease also targeted Margaux's eyesight, leaving her both completely deaf and totally blind.

In spite of this bad break, Margaux continues to smile her way through the challenges she faces everyday, and Scott is sharing her tenacity with the world on her Facebook page.

Margaux refuses to let her disease get the best of her. Instead, she lives every day to the fullest - with the help of her "seeing eye sisters," Chloe, Susie, and Rhonda.

"They're sensitive to her needs," Jordan told the Dodo. "When they're working as seeing eye dogs on those trails, they're truly working. They know they have a job to do. I sense that Margaux feels more comfortable being led by one of them than by Laura or myself."

Scott has also worked hard to be accommodating for Margaux. He put "scent pads" around his house to help her sniff her way around, and leads her through "guided tours" so she learns what spaces she can walk around in.

Learning to navigate her world may be challenging, but Margaux always rises to the occasion.

"She is truly awesome and amazing," Scott writes on her Facebook page.

"She takes everything life gives her, in the darkness and silence, and says "Is that all you got? I can handle this. I just need a little help." And she does it with this HUGE smile on her face at all times."

Margaux recently turned 12, which is approaching the upper limit of a standard poodle's lifespan, but even this can't dampen Scott or Margaux's enthusiasm.

"Every day after today is a bonus," Scott writes, "So please, continue to root for Margaux."

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