He Shatters The Glass Bottle Stuck On This Poor Curious Kitten's Head

You never know what life may put in your path, sometimes it's a street full of green lights that allow you to sail on through the busiest part of town during rush hour, sometimes it's a huge puddle right beside you as a car drives through. One day in July, this man comes across a kitten trapped inside of a glass jar.

The poor little thing was quickly losing air, so the man had to act quickly. He steadies the kitten and with a small hammer, smashes the end of the jar. You can tell the little kitty is a little disoriented, but probably relieved to breathe fresh air. The man gently re-positions the little guy and taps again at the glass, being careful not to hit too hard against the animal's neck.

When he is released, the little cat wobbles a bit and shakes it off. Thanks to his rescuer, this lucky little guy gets to enjoy the rest of his 8 lives!

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