This Program Helps Turn Prison Inmates Into Entrepreneurs

Just because someone has gone to prison, doesn't mean they aren't valuable to society.

Too often, young men and women are put into the system due to poor family circumstances and opportunities, which then leads to a life of incarceration.

But these people aren't all inherently bad. Sometimes they just need the right resources to help them succeed.

That's where Defy Ventures comes in. They are an entrepreneurship, employment, and character training program run through prisons that helps former drug dealers and gang leaders become successful entrepreneurs. It is an MBA style program run through prisons that provides inmates with a diploma after its completion.

Defy Ventures graduates have a reported 94% increase in income, and have achieved an 87% employment rate after leaving prison. Relapses into criminal behavior are reported as below 5%.

Take a look at this emotional video that shows just how happy not only the inmates are, but also their families.

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