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School Asks Parents To Sign A Permission Slip Before Students Read A Book, Father Has Hilarious Response

Daniel Radosh took a moment to teach his son's teacher a quick lesson in irony this week.

His son, Milo, is a member of the school's book club and came home with a hand-written note requesting parental permission to read the controversial Fahrenheit 451. The book is a dystopian tale about a world where books are banned and burned, most notably the Bible.  It also includes 'explicit' language such as hell and damn.

This was the note his son came home with:

@danielradosh on Twtitter

Daniel Radosh, a senior writer on The Daily Show, couldn't help but find the irony in requiring students to get a permission slip to read a book. He decided to write back a very poignant permission slip, pointing out the extreme irony from the school.

@danielradosh on Twtitter

There has been no reply from the teacher, yet (at least not publicly). But it will certainly make for an interesting book club meeting.

Do you agree that students should have to get parental permission to read this book? Let us know!

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