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School Bans Their Students From Bringing Apples For Lunch

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An elementary school in Toronto is causing a stir after banning students in one class from bringing apples to school.

The reason? One of the students is allergic to Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples.

Peanut butter is one thing, but banning APPLES? That's not sitting well with parents.

"Our son for example is a picky eater," says Danny Regu, whose seven-year-old son is in grade 2 at the school, "and an apple is pretty much the only fruit he is going to eat. I mean there's countless allergies out there, and if every parent starts calling the school and starts asking the school to ban everything their child is allergic to, it's going to be impossible to pack a decent lunch."

Parents are complaining it is becoming a real struggle to pack a decent lunch for their kids. So many foods are being 'banned' from schools, like nuts, milk, soy, eggs, and now apples. It's becoming unrealistic to expect parents to pack a healthy, balanced lunch without being allowed to pack such standard foods.

The school board, however, is saying they don't actually ban the foods.

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