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A Notorious Screaming Chef Softens For This Sweetheart

If you follow Hell's Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, or MasterChef, you'll be shocked to see how completely transformed Gordon Ramsay is in this video.

Notorious for shouting expletives and berating his proteges, this top chef is transformed into a soft spoken gentleman in this sweet father-daughter cooking video.

With the help of his young daughter, Tilly (short for Matilda), he prepares a delicious beef and ale stew with mustard dumplings. This grizzly bear of a man is transformed into a tender teddy as his soft-voiced sweetheart teases him about the "burnt garlic" incident.

The finished dish looks delish and these two seem pleased as punch with the results of their teamwork!

Check out the softer side of Chef Gordon Ramsay!

I'm definitely trying this recipe!

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