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Rescuing Dogs In Style: This Shelter Gives Dogs A Cottage Instead Of A Cage

The Luvable Dog Rescue is changing the way people think about shelters. A lot of people stay away from animal shelters because going in and seeing all the dogs in cages is pretty depressing. This group realized that, and figured out a way to house the dogs in need a little bit better: In little cottages!

Instead of seeing your potential pup behind bars, you get to interact with them in a home-like environment!

Each cottage is filled with furniture, decorations, and everything you need to make it look like a real home. It helps the dogs remain calm and also gives the shelter and potential owners how the dog behaves in a home. Temperament is always hard to judge when a dog is in a regular shelter, because the stress of being all alone in such a foreign environment might cause them to act irregularly.

The Luvable Dog Rescue is a 55 acre property that has hiking trails, forests and grassy areas for the dogs to run around in. The founder, Liesl Wilhardt, began fostering animals as a hobby but it quickly developed into her full-time career. She has a special place in her heart for pit bulls, and made the "pit bull place" that houses the bigger dogs. She is aiming to build a maternity ward for pregnant and new mothers in addition to the other cottages.

Wilhardt wants to make sure that the dogs are comfortable in their cottages.

"Those who have lost their families, or 'pack,' or have never had one, can finally feel a sense of belonging there." - Liesl Wilhardt

If you are interested in adopting an animal or helping out the shelter, visit their website.

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