This Stranger Changed A Man's Life At The Gas Station With One Small Gesture

We often hear about people being too consumed in their own lives to really help others when they need it. But for a man in Australia, he witnessed first hand what the kindness of strangers truly means.

Tyson Crawley had just finished at the gas pump, filling his truck and his Jerry can. He went inside, grabbed a couple iced coffees, and then went to pay.

When he got to the register, Crawley realized he did not have his new bank card on him. He had transferred all his money over to a new bank account the night before and had forgotten to bring the new card. He didn't panic at first, remembering he had a joint account he could use with the old card. But he could not remember his PIN whatsoever. Crawley started to get flustered. He was late for work and his dog was barking like crazy.

A man came over and said "do you need money?" Crawley automatically declined. His bill was $110! But the man walked towards the register, ready to pay.

"It's a free country, isn't it? I can help a brother out, can't I?" he said. Crawley was absolutely floored. After some convincing, Crawley agreed to let the man pay.

" Give me your number, I will contact you and pay you back immediately, please can you write down your number?" he asked the man. The attendant handed him the receipt, she passed him a pen, he wrote down on it, folded it and handed it to Crawley. He asked the man to take a photo with him so he could remember how grateful he was in that moment.

When Crawley went to look at the receipt for his name, he was shocked at what he saw. The man left his name, but not his phone number. Just a simple request: pass it on.

After some research, people found out who the kind man was. His name is John Kennedy Jr, and plays for the Newcastle North Stars ice hockey team. The story has gone completely viral, with people completely amazed by Kennedy's act of kindness.

Read Tyson Crawley's full recount of the story here!

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