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This Tarantula Hawk Wasp Scares The Beejeezus Out Of Us.

The Tarantula Hawk Wasp is the scariest freaking wasp I have ever seen. Ever. I'm pretty sure the first person to ever be stung by this bug- demon took three of the fiercest things they could think of and named it that - after they stopped foaming at the mouth.

I mean, really. It's a flying dart of agony that zeroes in on your naked flesh and then stabs you causing pain so electric that it will literally reduce you to a screaming ball of nerves.

Nightmares. For. Days.

Speaking of nightmares, this video of a Tranatula VS Tarantula Hawk is both educational and terrifying.

Biologists want you to believe that it's docile. Whatever. We know the truth. They should have called it Satan's flying pain dart.

According to Wired's interview with invertebrate biologist Ben Hutchins, people who have experienced the sting recommend that you just lie down and scream - you'll lose the ability to maintain verbal and physical coordination anyway.

What? Yah. You'll be a writhing ball of jabbering nonsense. Guess what? These wasps live in the southwestern US, specifically: Texas and Utah.

Lock your doors. Hid your children. Am I being dramatic? Yes. Should you pick one up and carry it home with you? AW hell Nah. Although they are solitary insects and they do tend to get a little drunk on the juice of fermented fruits, it's still not a good idea to go near them.

This fool picks one up. But he's an expert, I hope. Either way, don't do this either.

Besides having a sting that makes it's victims feel like they are dying a thousand deaths, it is actually a very useful parasite. The females attack tarantulas (not humans) and paralyze them before dragging them back to the nest. The unlucky spider lives for several weeks in the wasps dark lair where it is slowly eaten alive by her larva.

What THE? Nature is a psychopath.

According to Hutchins there are no reports of any animal dumb enough to go after these flying death darts. Well, except for humans. "People don't really need to be afraid of them," Hutchins told Wired, "and indeed I think they're really cool to just sit and watch them in your yard."

Whatever science. If you see one, back away slowly. If you get stung, don't worry, you'll only endure 5 minutes of the most excruciating pain ever.

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