This Teacher Decided To Cancel Homework

Finally, an end to the "dog ate my homework" excuse! Brandy Young, a second grade teacher in Texas, has decided to put an end to least for her students.

Young sent home a letter to parents on the first day of school, stating she was giving something new a try and that the only work sent home with students would be what they did not finish in class that day. Here's the full letter:


The research Young is talking about is true. The American Journal of Family Therapy found students in elementary schools are getting almost three times as much homework as recommended. Evidence shows that this isn't even beneficial to their GPA, and it also can be harmful to young students' self-confidence and attitude towards school all together. While there is correlation between homework and school achievement, it's more evident in secondary school students.


The feedback so far has been mostly positive. Parents are looking forward to more family time and less stress on the kids. It's also a great motivator for kids to focus in school and get their work done. If they do, they have the night to themselves.

What do you think of Brandy Young's decision to cut homework? Let us know in the comments!

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