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Four Years Ago She Weighed Just 80 Pounds, Now She is Fit And Fierce

Sarah Francati battled anorexia for years before realizing that it had taken a dangerous toll on her life. When she reached her 80 pound goal weight, she realized just how intensely her eating disorder had taken over her life.

Young Sarah fell into the skinny-is-beautiful mentality in eighth grade and became obsessed with her weight. Her goal, to weigh just 80 Lbs. Now a strong and healthy 19-year-old, Sarah looks back on her struggle with and triumph over the disease.

She felt trapped by the disease and unable to break free from it's control: "I built a wall. Every time I hid food, threw up, body checked, weighed myself, the wall grew taller. Brick by brick. The wall separated me from reality. "

Eight months ago, she shared her first photo with a message of determination and hope: "I will never let you control my life like that again. F U ED. And to the damn scale? I hope you become recycled into something USEFUL. I threw my scale out today. So I thought I'd share a picture of me who is 40 pounds heavier. And happier than ever, GOODBYE NUMBERS. "

Now, she is fierce, fit and fabulous. Three days ago, she wrote, "I am free of the tight grip anorexia held. I learned to let go. I now hold my own hands. There is no room left for anorexia. And there never will be room again."

You go girl!

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