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This Therapy Pig Takes The Stress Out Of Flying

Meet Lilou, the newest staff member at the San Francisco International Airport.

She won't help you get through the security line any faster, or reschedule your flight if you miss your layover, but she's a pro at helping to calm down stressed-out passengers.

Lilou is part of the Wag Brigade, a group of over 300 dogs, cats, and rabbits who help the airport's passengers chill out.

It may sound fun, but this is hard work. Every member of the Wag Brigade has been certified by the San Francisco SPCA, and is certified by their Animal Assisted Therapy program.

Lilou's qualifications are obvious: she's cute,

she does tricks including playing the piano,

and she has great fashion sense.

Oh, and of course she has her own Instagram account - @lilou_sfpig.

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