This Three-Year-Old Slays A Rubik's Cube in 47 Seconds. No Big Deal.

On April 25 2015, little Hon Yan Chan  (Yani) solved a Rubik's cube in 47 seconds.

This silent sweetheart doesn't make a sound. She picks up the cube and turns it over in her hands a few times before putting it down and waiting for the clock to start.

Then, the magic happens. Without thinking twice, she picks up the cube and begins expertly rotating the different sections of the cube. She seems not to doubt herself and confidently arranges the yellow tiles, then, rearranges the cube so that each side is a single color.

Then she puts the cube down and the clock reads 47 seconds. The little genius is hardly impressed by her achievement, but our minds our blown. Personaly, I was blown away. At that age, I was more concerned about how I could sneak a stray cat into the house without getting caught than in solving advanced puzzles.

Kudos to this stoic little genius. We can't wait to see what she

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