This Tiny Baby Is Too Young For Vaccines, Now She Is Fighting For Her Life Against Whooping Cough

Aussie mother, Sandra Tee, shared this heartbreaking video of her 5-month-old baby gasping for breath. Her young daughter was diagnosed with whooping cough, a highly contagious respiratory infection that can be fatal. Her little girl developed a cough to start, but as the infection worsened, she began to silently choke and turn blue/purple from the lack of oxygen.

Babies as young as Sandra's daughter are too small to receive vaccinations, and as a result are more vulnerable to these kinds of viruses. Without 24/7 care, the outcome for her child would be fatal.

In this video, the little girl's father supports her as she chokes and stops breathing. He holds the oxygen up to her face and pats her back to breakup the fluid in her airways. It is heartbreaking to hear him plead with her, "come on," he says.

Sandra posted this video with a personal plea for parents to vaccinate their children. Babies as young as her daughter rely on herd mentality to protect them from viruses like whooping cough. If enough people are vaccinated, the chances of contracting the virus are significantly low. Without high vaccination rates, the immunity of our most vulnerable children is compromised.

Since posting the video on August 22, Sandra's video has over 400 thousand views.

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