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Toddler Suffocated To Death In Tragic Accident At Day Care Center

Leonardo Sanchez died on September 8, 2016 - just a week before his second birthday.

This brilliant little life was prematurely cut short when he crawled beneath a beanbag chair at West Jordan Child Center in Utah. Leonardo suffocated when an employee sat on the chair for about 10-15 minutes during story time. They discovered the child, not breathing beneath the chair and called for an ambulance.

His mother, Danielle Sanchez can hardly believe that he is gone, "I dropped him off at day care not realizing I would never be able to hold him again," Sanchez said, "or kiss him or have my Leo back."

"How could this happen?" Sanchez told local news. "He's a big boy. How did they lose track of him? Too many kids, too much noise, overwhelmed, a bad day. … Somebody dropped the ball and now we're going to have to bury a boy because of that."

Little Leo's parents will pursue legal action, they are calling for more accountability on behalf of the center and its workers. But for now, instead of planning their son's birthday, they will be planning his funeral.

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