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This Veteran Saved Up To Buy His Dogs Back, But The Cashier Refused To Take His Money

A military veteran in Delaware had the shock of a lifetime last Christmas.

The man, left unnamed, had a heart attack and needed to be hospitalized for a long period of time. This meant his beloved dogs, Bailey and Blaze, were taken in by a local shelter. Unfortunately, they had only thought they were holding the dogs for a couple days. Days turned into weeks and the dogs had to be put up for adoption.

When the man was released, he was lucky to find that his four-legged buddies were still available for adoption. However, he would have to pay $250 to get them back.

He told the shelter to hold the dogs until the next day so he could get the money in order. When he returned the next morning, he went to pay for the dogs but never expected what happened next!

A group of people had gotten together to pay for this war veteran to get his dogs back. He doesn't seem to understand what's going on at first. He thinks he isn't allowed to take his dogs home with him. When it finally kicks in what's going on, the man is brought to tears. He cannot believe the generosity of strangers.

The man and his dogs have received attention from all over the world. Everyone loves a heartwarming story with a happy ending!

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