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This Video Of A Veteran Being Surprised With A Service Dog Will Make You Tear Up

There's nothing better than watching something great happen to somebody totally deserving, and that's exactly what you get in this video.

Steve DeVries was a combat medic in the army who served two tours in Iraq. He was injured by an explosion, and since then he's had to deal with chronic back pain and anxiety.

Steve had been waiting 18 months for a service dog to help him with everyday tasks, but so far he was out of luck. That's when the New York Giants invited him onto the field at halftime. He thought he was just being honored for his service, but when the announcer revealed Levi, his new service dog, Steve and his daughter were both totally shocked.

See the moment for yourself:

The roar of the crowd when Levi is brought out says it all. Every person in the stadium is blown away by this great gift, and you can tell from the long list of Steve's accomplishments the announcer reads that it couldn't have gone to a better guy.

Afterwards, Levi and Steve began an intense three week daily training plan to get used to working together.

For Steve, getting Levi at the football game was a perfect touch, because he hopes his new partner will give him the strength to take his daughter to more fun events.

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