She Hugs One Baby Goodbye Before Bringing Another One Into the World

A picture taken by Laura Paulescu has captured the hearts of thousands of mothers and siblings alike. In this beautiful, candid shot, Laura captures what she calls "the gut-wrenching mixture of overwhelming joy and anticipation, coupled with heartbreak of letting your 'baby' go..."

In the soft natural light, mother, Nikki Colquitt quietly hugs her daughter on top of her very pregnant belly.  It captures the moment when this little girl will leave her mother for the last time as the baby, and return the 'big sister.'  

Laura says that the two remained like this for just a few brief moments, before the little one climbed down and joined her big brother. This single shot was one of a series taken for the family, but this image struck such a deep chord with other mothers. So many mothers shared honest and heartfelt comments that inspired others to open up about their own tender experiences.

Since it was posted, the photo has over 1 thousand likes and 57 comments. Do you remember the precious moments like this one with your own children? What sweet memory do you hold dear to your heart? Let us know in the comments below!

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