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This Woman Lost Her Job Within Minutes Because Of Her Tattoos

Claire Shepherd got her dream job as a retail merchandiser. She had the experience, knew the work, and was offered the job immediately after a phone interview.

When she received an email a few minutes later about company standards, Shepherd noticed there was a regulation saying all tattoos must be covered so as not to cause offense.

The problem is Claire has tattoos all over, including her neck, chest, and hands. Not so easy to cover up. Shepherd was hoping the policy had been recently adapted, so she emailed the company letting them know her situation.

She was immediately fired.

An angry Claire took to Facebook. The post has since been deleted, but this is what it said.

The company ended up offering Shepherd the position back, presumably not wanting the backlash it was causing. But Claire didn't take the position. She felt that the only reason they asked her back was because the post went viral and NOT because they had changed their views.

What do you think? Should Claire have been fired because of her tattoos? Or is this regulation archaic? Let us know in the comments!

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