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Sick Children In Brisbane, Australia Get The Surprise Of Their Lives When Thor And Loki Pop In For A Visit.

August 23,2016 will be a day that many of the patients at Lady Cilento Children's Hospital will never forget. Actors Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston paid them a surprise visit as Thor and Loki from the Marvel franchise Thor movies.

The hero and villian met and signed autographs for 80 children at the hospital as part of a trip organized by a local television station, Juiced TV and the Children's Hospital Foundation.

One youngster in a bright orange cast could not believe his luck! As he sat between Chris and Tom, although he nervously interviewed them he was clearly loving every moment it!

Here's the adorable interview:

Seems like Loki was happy to be there too!

Oh yah, he's loving it!

Strong kiddos!

Way to go guys! It's such a gift to make a child smile! Don't forget to Like and Share!

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