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Thousands Celebrate A Mexican Teenager's Birthday After "Everyone" Was Invited

When most people turn 15, they're happy to have a pizza party with a few close friends. Maybe a sleepover.

On Monday, more than 20,000 people helped Mexican teenager Rubi Ibarra celebrate her "quinceanera," or fifteenth birthday, in style. While you may expect there were a few party crashers, amazingly everyone in the crowd (which some say was as large as 30,000 people) was invited by Inarra's father Cresencio.

In fact, YOU were invited too.

It all started earlier this month when the party planning company Cresencio hired posted a video where the father invited "everyone" to come to his daughter's birthday party. He later explained he only meant everyone in his small community of La Joya, but by then people around the world had already received their "invitation."

In the video, Cresencio promises guests that the party will feature food, dancing, a horse race with a 10,000 peso prize (about $485), and even a goat. 1.3 million people said they would attend on a Facebook page set up for the event, and while most people were joking some obviously took the invitation seriously.

In the weeks leading up to the party, people online had fun with the event. Jokes like this one, where president-elect Trump and Mexican president Pena Nieto make an "agreement" so Americans can make the trip to Inarra's party, were a hit on social media.

One Mexican airline even offered discounted flights to San Luis Potosi, the state where Ibarra's family lives. "Going to Ruby's quinceanera?" the ad asks, "we're offering 30% discounts."

Hollywood actor Gael Garcia Bernal even filmed a parody version of the invitation for a Mexican comedy show.

When the day of the event finally arrived, the tiny community of La Joya - which normally contains less than 200 people - was swamped with visitors. One woman made a five day trip from Arizona to wish Rubi a happy birthday and give her a $150 gift.

Guests dined on tortillas and enjoyed performances from local bands during the party, which went on until 4 a.m. the next morning.

Unfortunately, even though extra security from nearby towns and the Red Cross were on standby, one man died after being trampled by a horse during the big race.

Rubi also looked a little stressed out by all the guests and photographers, but she enjoyed a dance with her father and was given a 2016 Chevy Spark by a local mayor.

While the party may have been overwhelming, there's no doubt that this was a once in a lifetime event that Rubi will never forget.

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