Tiger Saves Zookeepers Life

Mexican zookeeper, Eduardo Seiro, came inches away from death at the hands of a leopard in his sanctuary. Luckily for him, his tiger, Aztlan, saved his life.

Seiro was playing with the lions in the enclosure and everyone seemed fine. The lions are loving it, basically just laying their like the giant cats they are. Meowing, purring, playing. It's all good. Then, out of nowhere, Dharma the leopard picks Seiro as her target and make a move. As she's just about to get him, Aztlan lunges at the leopard, protecting her keeper from the attack. If it wasn't for Aztlan, Seiro would have been blindsided and seriously injured, if not killed.

Watch the whole video. It's incredible how calm Seiro stays, even after he realizes what's happening. But I guess that comes with the territory of being a zookeeper!

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